Commercial Access Control Systems

Who goes in and out of your facility each day? An access control security system from Contrivance Electrical gives the right employees and visitors the access they need—and keeps intruders out.

Building/site access control keeps sensitive information and dangerous equipment out of the wrong hands. Who has accessed which areas of your building, and when, can be automatically documented without the need to implement sign-in processes or hire additional staff.

Investing in an electrical access control system also eliminates the hassles of traditional key management. Electronic key cards and employee badges can be reprogrammed as needed, and access can be instantly disabled if a badge is lost or stolen.

System Integration

An intelligent security system harnesses the power of multiple site automation systems. We can integrate a commercial access control system with building surveillance, energy management and other solutions—maximizing both security and efficiency.

Get Started

If you’re interested in an access control system or need a reliable company to maintain your existing system, contact Contrivance Electrical for a no-obligation site evaluation.

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