Energy Management Systems

Contrivance Electrical’s energy specialists create lighting, HVAC, and solar solutions for greener, more efficient homes and facilities.

Energy Management ImageContrivance Electrical begins with a free assessment of your facility to see where reductions in energy consumption can be made to lower your overall operating costs. We then develop a custom solution for your facility with smarter, more efficient technologies and management controls. These changes result in:

  • Better system optics of facility
  • Cutting-edge room-to-room comfort
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced environmental footprint


Solar reduces your overhead costs while making expensive electric bills a thing of the past. Get built-in energy resilience for your home or company. When you back up energy storage, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your home or business will always be running. That means you’ll have the power of refrigeration, security systems, the internet, lighting, heat, and anything that keeps you moving daily.

LED Lighting

Update your home easily with LED lighting, all while reducing your carbon footprint. LED lights are more efficient, extremely cost effect, and 100% recyclable.

Get Started

Contrivance Electrical is committed to providing incomparable service and creating productive, lasting relationships with all of our clients. If you have an energy management system issue or need a reliable company to maintain your existing system, give us a call for a no-obligation site evaluation.

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