What We Do

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial electrical services, existing structures or new construction, Contrivance Electrical offers high-quality, professional service in a competitively priced package. As a family owned and operated company with over 19 years of experience, we care about our customers and are committed to excellence in customer satisfaction! Contact us for a free assessment to evaluate your specific wants and needs.

What Makes Custom Automated Systems Smarter?

  • Everything you need – and nothing you don’t – is built right in.
  • Cost-effective solutions save you money now and in the future, if infrastructure changes are needed.
  • Multiple technologies can be combined into a single system for ease of use.
  • Systems are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and simple to service.

Every solution is custom-tailored for your needs.

We look at the big picture and the details to gain a deep understanding of your needs and design a solution that truly benefits you.

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